Course Overview

Course Duration: 3 days.
What’s Possible: Salesforce Fundamentals – Are you a business analyst or project manager who is looking to learn more about how Salesforce can solve specific business issues? What’s Possible: Salesforce Fundamentals provides the information to enable you to effectively engage with your business stakeholders. The course walks through a series of typical business challenges to provide you with the background to solve your specific business needs.

Who Should Attend

What’s Possible: Salesforce Fundamentals is designed for individuals who need an understanding of the capabilities of Salesforce to determine how to best solve their business challenges using Salesforce.
  • The course is targeted at individuals in the following roles:
    • Business Analysts
    • Consultants
    • Project and Process Managers

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


  • No prior knowledge or experience with Salesforce is required.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Describe Salesforce products and solutions.
  • Ask discovery questions to identify specific business needs within your company.
  • Make informed decisions about which Salesforce solutions meet your business needs.
  • Help your business understand Salesforce design decisions, implications, and best practices.
  • Identify and leverage sources of additional information and support.

Course Content

  • Overview of Salesforce architecture, objects, and navigation
  • Tour of the application
  • Identify key roles within your company
Data Access & Security
  • Control who can view and modify information
  • Decide who can view and change individual records
  • Dealing with record access exceptions
  • Support team selling with territory management
  • Secure information at the field level
  • Capture specific information by adding custom fields
  • Control how data is captured using picklists
  • Streamline data entry with page layouts
  • Meet different business scenarios using record types
  • Ensure data integrity using validation rules
  • Route requests to the right person using assignment rules
  • Improve customer satisfaction with escalation rules
  • Automate lead capture using web-to-lead
  • Increase quality and efficiency with workflow rules
  • Reduce delays and bottlenecks with approval processes
  • Enforce business processes with visual workflow
Reports and Dashboards
  • Find and run the right report
  • Gain insight into wins and losses with custom reports
  • Analyze data with matrix reports
  • Use dashboards to share key metrics with teams
  • Collaborate using Chatter
  • Collaboration between sales and marketing
  • Create an environment for engagement using Communities
  • Create different communities based on business needs
  • Capture employee and customer inspiration using Ideas
  • Leverage social media for collaboration
Data Migration and Integration
  • Migrate data to collect and synchronize information
  • Improve data quality and quantity with
  • Integrate systems to automate and streamline your business
Extending Salesforce
  • Capture additional data using custom objects and tabs
  • Create a unique and specific workspace with a custom application
  • Make use of existing AppExchange resources
  • Build outside the box with programmatic tools: Visualforce and Apex
Additional Resources
  • Share with key roles within your company
  • Engage in community resources and help sites
  • Explore your training options