Partner Technical Advocate. Power Systems.

Course Overview

Course Duration 3 days.
Power Systems and AIX Differences Workshop – course covers various enhancements to Power hardware and firmware and to the AIX operating system. It starts with an overview of POWER7 architecture and equipment. It then proceeds with discussions and hands-on exercises on various software and firmware enhancements (ranging from AIX 6.1 TL2 and PowerVM 2.1.0 through AIX 7.1 TL0 and PowerVM 2.2.1). These enhancements include Virtual Fibre Channel, Active Memory Sharing, Active Memory Expansion, 4 thread SMT, and other enhancements to the areas of AIX security, performance, and workload partitions.

Who Should Attend

  • This advanced course is for anyone responsible for the system administrative duties including implementing and managing POWER Systems for AIX servers.

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


  • AIX Systems Administration knowledge.
  • POWER Systems for AIX virtualization knowledge

Course Objectives

  • Discuss the POWER7 architectural design basics
  • Discuss POWER7 systems product details
  • Describe and implement SMT4.
  • Describe and implement Active Memory Expansion (AME)
  • Migrate an AIX5.2 LPARs to AIX7.1 versioned WPARs
  • Describe and implement the AIX Runtime Expert enhancements
  • Describe and implement Domain RBAC
  • Describe changes to SUMA
  • Describe AIX RAS enhancements
  • Discuss and implement enhancements to AIX security, including Domain RBAC.
  • Describe AIX networking and storage enhancements
  • Describe and implement AIX Workload Partition enhancements
    • WPAR Device Access
    • WPAR Manager 2.2.1

Course Content

  • There are no course content for this course.