People are standing on pieces of jigsaw puzzle.

Course Overview
Course Duration: 5 Days

Outline the basic structure of Organizational Management
Outline the integration between OM and other components
Set up a multiple reporting structure using a matrix organization
Process organizational changes using Manager’s Desktop and Manager’s Self-Service
Create relationships for a new object and ensure it is correctly linked to the organizational structure
Set up and verify an organizational structure configuration


Who Should Attend
Application Consultant
Data Consultant / Manager
Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User


Course Certifications
This course is part of the following Certifications:


HR050 Business Processes in Human Capital Management or HR050E E- Learning version of Business Processes in Human Capital Management
HR305 Configuration of Master Data or HR30E E-Learning version of Configuraiton of Maser Data


Course Objectives


Course Content
Organizational Management Structures

Outlining Organizational Management (OM) Basics
Organizational Management Concepts

Outlining Organizational Management Concepts
Finding Object Relationships
Planning Options in Organizational Management
Organization and Staffing Framework

Identifying the Organizational Plan
Updating the Organizational Structure
Expert Mode in Organizational Management

Maintaining Infotypes
Simple Maintenance in Organizational Management

Maintaining Organizational Plans Using Simple Maintenance
General Structures and Matrix Organizations

Maintaining General Structures
Maintaining Matrix Organizations
Integration in Organizational Management

Setting Up Integration Switches
Loading OM Files
Self-Services in Organizational Management

Updating Information Using Manager’s Desktop (MDT)
Updating Information Using Manager Self-Service (MSS)
Data Model Enhancements in Organizational Management

Outlining the OM Data Model
Modifying the Data Model
Creating Relationships
Creating Evaluation Paths
Hierarchy Framework in Organizational Management

Customizing the Hierarchy Framework of the Organization and Staffing interface
Defining Search Nodes
Outlining Column Groups
Customizing the Structural Overview
Evaluations and Reports in Organizational Management

Describing Structural Reports
Executing Standard Delivered Reports
Case Study Organizational Structure Setup

Setting Up an Organizational Structure