Course Overview
Duration: 5 Days

This Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c: Multitenancy Administration Ed 1 training teaches you about the new multitenancy capabilities in WebLogic Server 12.2.1, including details about the administration, monitoring, deployment, and SaaS-enabling features, and integration with Oracle Traffic Director and Oracle Coherence. Learn how Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c Multitenancy offers density, efficiency, application isolation, pluggable application packaging options, and enhanced automation capabilities, all in an easy-to-adopt package, and all engineered to enable easy movement to the cloud.

Learn To:

Create WebLogic Server Domains to support multitenancy.
Create domain partitions.
Create resource groups and resource group templates.
Use Oracle Traffic Director in a multitenant environment.
Use Oracle pluggable databases in a multitenant environment
Utilize Fusion Middleware Control to create, maintain and monitor multitenant environments.
Use Oracle Coherence in WebLogic Server multitenant environments.
Export and import domain partitions.
Configure Resource Consumption Management to ensure Java applications behave well in a multitenant environment.
Use Partition Work Managers to ensure Java applications receive a fair share in a multitenant environment.
Use WLST and REST interfaces for multitenancy configuration and maintenance.
Benefits to You

After taking this course, you’ll be able to improve the portability, automation and efficiency of your organization’s applications and services with the #1 application server. You’ll improve cross-environment deployment and significantly improve time-to-market.

Who Should Attend
Support Engineer
Implementation Consultant
Technical Administrator
Configuration Consultant
Application Server Administrators
Web Administrator

Course Certifications
This course is part of the following Certifications:

Course Objectives
Identify the tasks to implement Fusion Middleware 12c Multitenancy
Understand the components of Fusion Middleware 12c
Use Oracle WebLogic Server 12c in a multitenant environment
Use Oracle Coherence 12c in a multitenant environment
Use Oracle Traffic Director 12c in a multitenant environment
Use Oracle Fusion Middleware Control 12c in a multitenant environment

Course Content
Multitenancy Concepts

Fusion Middleware 12c Multitenancy Concepts
Use Oracle WebLogic Server 12c in a Multitenant Environment
Identify the tasks to implement Fusion Middleware 12c Multitenancy
Domain Partitions

Creating Virtual Targets
Creating Domain Partitions for Multiple Tenants
Creating a Domain Partition for a Single Java Application Tenant
Exporting and Importing a Domain Partition
Using Domain Partition Security Options
Resource Groups

Using Resource Group Templates for Similar Tenants
Using Java EE Resources with Resource Group Templates
Overriding Properties in a Resource Group
Using a Resource Group Template with a Domain Partition
Web Tier Tenants

Capabilities of Oracle Traffic Director
Configuring and Managing Oracle Traffic Director
Configuring Oracle Traffic Director Failover Groups
Database Tenants

Using the Oracle Database Multitenant Architecture
Configuring a Pluggable Database (PDB)
WebLogic Server 12c Support for Multitenant Databases
Coherence Tenants

Oracle Coherence Features in a Multitenant Environment
WebLogic Server Management of Coherence Clusters
Using Share and Non-Shared Coherence Caches
Configuring Coherence in a Fusion Middleware 12c Multitenant Environment
Quality of Service

Resource Consumption Management for Domain Partitions
Partition Work Managers for Domain Partitions
Export and Import a Domain Partition
Live Partition Migration
Using WLST with a Domain Partition
Using the REST Management API with a Domain Partition