Course Overview
Course Duration 1 day.
IBM Cognos PowerPlay Studio: Web Exploration (V10.1/10.2) – is a one-day instructor-led course designed to teach you the basic skills they need to view, explore, format and distribute results using IBM Cognos PowerPlay Studio. You will learn to create reports, view multidimensional cube data, add calculations, and use graphical displays. The course also covers drag and drop within crosstabs, ranking, custom subsets and scenario dimensions.

Who Should Attend
This intermediate course is intended for IBM Cognos PowerPlay Studio users.

Course Certifications
This course is part of the following Certifications:

Knowledge of your business requirements
Experience using a Web browser
Knowledge of business analysis concepts

Course Objectives
Please refer to the Course Overview for description information.

Course Content
IBM Cognos PowerPlay Studio Fundamentals
Discuss fundamental terminology
Describe the contents and use of cubes
Identify the IBM Cognos PowerPlay components and describe their purpose
Examine the IBM Cognos PowerPlay application development process
Examine the dimension line, dimension viewer, IBM Cognos PowerPlay Studio Explorer toolbar, and online help
Explore IBM Cognos PowerPlay reports and cubes in IBM Cognos Connection
Tools for Investigation
Drill down and drill up to other levels of detail
Change measure values
Replace rows and columns
Change display types
Add value by altering the appearance of a report
Add custom titles
Change currency
Basic Exploration and Reporting
Filter data
Use layers to move through different categories
Sort and rank data
Highlight exceptional data
Suppress data
Hide or show rows and columns
Use alternate drill paths
Examine scenario dimensions
Add Value to your Exploration
Nest categories in rows and columns
Change the layout of nested crosstabs
Drill down in nested crosstabs
Use the drill-through feature for IBM Cognos PowerPlay Studio
Data Analysis
Compare multiple measures
Use special categories
Show values as percentages
Create and use calculations
Custom Subsets
Define custom subsets
Create custom subsets for a dimension in a report
Create custom subsets for category selection
Create custom subsets using search criteria
Create custom subsets using measure values
Modify custom subsets
Distribute Results
View reports in IBM Cognos Report Viewer
Prepare a bookmark
Export and save reports
Print a report
Open a IBM Cognos PowerPlay report in Analysis Studio or Report Studio
Schedule a report