Course Overview

Course Duration : 5 Days

Unisphere security and basic management; storage provisioning and management; managing host access to Block storage; host integration basics; Windows host installation and integration for Block; host installation and integration for Linux; host installation and integration for ESXi; advanced storage concepts; VNX Block local replication principles; SnapView Snapshot configuration; VNX SnapView Clone configuration; VNX Snapshots; basic network configuration; configuring File systems; exporting File systems to Linux and ESXi; Configuring CIFS; virtual data movers; Networking features; Data Mover Failover; VNX SnapSure


  • Implement Unisphere security
  • Provision and manage host access to block storage
  • Perform basic host integration tasks for block storage
  • Integrate Microsoft Windows, Linux, and ESXi hosts to VNX block storage
  • Configure and manage advanced storage features such as FAST VP and FAST Cache
  • Configure basic networking for VNX file-level access
  • Configure VNX file systems
  • Export VNX file systems for NFS and CIFS access
  • Create and manage Virtual Data Movers
  • Configure & manage VNX local replication solutions–SnapView, Snapshots, SnapSure


Who Should Attend

Benefits storage professionals who are deploying and managing VNXUnified Storage (VNX with MCx and First Generation VNX) in a Windows, Linux, and VMware ESXi environments.


Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:



To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a student should have knowledge and skills associated with the following:

  • VNX system architecture
  • EMC PowerPath operations
  • SAN configurations and TCP/IP networking
  • Ethernet switch configuration
  • Basic Microsoft Windows and UNIX administration skills (Managing users/groups, files and directories)
  • Basic VMware ESX/ESXi operations and management


Course Objectives

Configure and manage VNX Series Block based SAN solutions (FC, iSCSI, and FCoE) and File based NAS solutions (NFS and CIFS) in heterogeneous, virtualized, and open systems environments, including array, host access, VNX SnapView, VNX SnapShot and VNX SnapSure solutions.


Course Content

VNX Fundamentals Start here

  • Overview on VNX system features and functions, business use cases, architecture and theory of operations, VNX hardware/software options and suites, management options and capabilities (1.5 hrs)

VNX Local Protection Suite Fundamentals

  • Local Protection Suite Components, VNX SnapView, VNX SnapSure, RecoverPoint/SE features, functionality, and management (1 hr)

VNX Remote Protection Suite Fundamentals

  • VNX Remote Protection Suite, VNX MirrorView, VNX Replicator & RecoverPoint/SE Remote Protection architecture, functions, and theory of operation. (1 hr)

VNX Application Protection Suite Fundamentals

  • Replication Manager – Overview and Feature & Functionality, AppSync – Overview and Feature & Functionality (1 hr)

VNX FAST Suite Fundamentals

  • Feature, functionality and use cases for FAST Cache and FAST VP (1 hr)

VNX Events and Retention Suite Fundamentals

  • Events and Retention suite components, Features and use cases for VNX File Level Retention, and Event Enabler (0.45 hrs)

VNX Unified Storage Provisioning using Wizards

  • Overview on block and file storage provisioning for Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Virtualized environments using Unisphere LUN provisioning Wizards (1 hr)

EMC Storage Integration with VMware vSphere Best Practices

  • VMware storage environment, ESXi networking and storage, generic VMware storage considerations, specific VNX and Symmetric considerations, tools, APIs,plug-ins.