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Course Overview
Course Duration: 5 Days

EDRV – Disaster Recovery & Virtualization – The DISASTER RECOVERY/VIRTUALIZATION SECURITY SERIES is comprised of two books that are designed to fortify IT disaster recovery training preparation and virtualization technology knowledge of information security students, system administrators, systems engineers, enterprise system architects, and any IT professional who is concerned about the integrity of their network infrastructure. Topics include disaster recovery planning, risk control policies and countermeasures, disaster recovery tools and services, and virtualization principles.

The series when used in its entirety helps prepare readers to take and succeed on the E|CDR and E|CVT, Disaster Recovery and Virtualization Technology certification exam from EC-Council. The EC-Council Certified Disaster Recovery and Virtualization Technology professional will have a better understanding of how to set up it disaster recovery training plans using traditional and virtual technologies to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.

Who Should Attend
This course will significantly benefit Network administrators, Firewall Administrators, Security Testers, System Administrators and Risk Assessment professionals.

Course Certifications
This course is part of the following Certifications:

Network administrators, Firewall Administrators, Security Testers, System Administrators or Risk Assessment professionals.

Course Content
Module 01: Introduction to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Module 02: Nature and Causes of Disasters
Module 03: Laws and Acts
Module 04: Information System Security Issues
Module 05: Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation
Module 06: Business Continuity Planning & Management
Module 07: Contingency Planning for Information Technology Systems
Module 08: Risk Management
Module 09: Risk Assessment
Module 10: Risk Evaluation Responsibilities
Module 11: Risk Control Policies and Procedures
Module 12: Risk Countermeasures and their Effects
Module 13: Access Controls & Administrative Measures
Module 14: Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Module 15: Storage Area Network (SAN)
Module 16: Data Backup and Recovery
Module 17: Implementing Offsite Backup
Module 18: Disaster Recovery Services
Module 19: Enterprise Backup and Business Continuity Tools
Module 20: Virtualization for Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
Module 21: DR Practices and Legal Compliance Issues
Module 22: Case Studies
Module 23: Templates and Checklists
Module 24: Certification and Accreditation of IS
Module 25: Introduction to Virtualization
Module 26: Virtualization Security
Module 27: VMware ESXi
Module 28: VMware Virtual Appliances
Module 29: Microsoft Virtualization
Module 30: Citrix Xen Virtualization
Module 31: Sun Virtualization
Module 32: HP Virtualization
Module 33: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtualization
Module 34: NoMachine
Module 35: NComputing
Module 36: Parallels
Module 37: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (AEC2)
Module 38: MokaFive