Session-based desktops and RemoteApp. Cost-effective, easy to manage. Session-based computing. Access to pooled or personal Virtual Desktops running Windows Client OS. High performance, app compatibility. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. User. Remote Desktop Session Host deployed on cloud infrastructure services. Customizable with minimum capital expenditure. RDS on IaaS. Windows Server session-based applications delivered from the Azure Cloud. Turnkey solution, scale without large CAPEX. Azure RemoteApp. On-premises. In cloud.

Cloud Solutions Architect

Course Objective:

  • Explain the history of Cloud Computing and its impact on business and IT Architecture
  • Demonstrate the key engineering concepts of operating “as a Service”
  • Explain the impact of Cloud Computing on Service Management
  • Understand Consumer & Provider Perspectives on Setting Up Cloud Environments
  • Evaluating a Cloud Solution Architecture
  • Migrating and transitioning to a Cloud environment

Target Audience

  • Technology Architects
  • Application Architects
  • System Architects
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Cloud Strategy Consultants
  • Senior Developers

Module Overview

  • Module 1: History of Cloud Computing
  • Module 2: Impact of Cloud Computing
  • Module 3: Technology Engineering of Cloud Computing
  • Module 4: Cloud Computing Solution Architectures
  • Module 5: Cloud Service Lifecycle
  • Module 6: Service Transition and Service Transformation
  • Module 7: Consumer Perspective on Setting Up Cloud Environments
  • Module 8: Provider Perspective on Setting Up Cloud Environments
  • Module 9: Cloud Ecosystem
  • Module 10: Types of XaaS Solutions
  • Module 11: Targeting the Right Solution Architecture