Course Overview

Course Duration: 2 Days

The ability to connect, communicate with, and remotely manage an incalculable number of networked, automated devices (approximately 26 Billion by 2020) via the Internet is becoming pervasive, from the factory floor to the hospital operating room to the residential basement.

The transition from closed networks to enterprise IT networks to the public Internet is accelerating at an alarming pace—and justly raising alarms about security. As we become increasingly reliant on intelligent, interconnected devices in every aspect of our lives, how do we protect potentially billions of them from intrusions and interference that could compromise personal privacy or threaten public safety?

Who Should Attend

  • IOT Enthusiasts
  • IOT Designers
  • IOT Developers
  • IOT Implementers
  • IT Managers
  • IOT Developers
  • IT Auditors
  • Anyone who is ready to master the steps of securing IOT Implementations.

Course Certifications

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Course Objectives

This workshop covers the basics of IoT landscape and takes you through on the Security Challenges and vulnerabilities and teaches you the steps to hack and harden the IoT devices, applications and ecosystem

Course Content

  • IOT an Overview
  • IOT Security
  • OWASP Top 10 IOT Vulnerabilities
  • Hacking IoT Devices – Case Studies
  • IOT Endpoint Security