About the Course

This first course of the Blockchain specialization provides a broad overview of the essential concepts of blockchain technology – by initially exploring the Bitcoin protocol followed by the Ethereum protocol – to lay the foundation necessary for developing applications and programming. You will be equipped with the knowledge needed to create nodes on your personal Ethereum blockchain, create accounts, unlock accounts, mine, transact, transfer Ethers, and check balances. You will learn about the decentralized peer-to-peer network, an immutable distributed ledger and the trust model that defines a blockchain. This course enables you to explain basic components of a blockchain (transaction, block, block header, and the chain) its operations (verification, validation, and consensus model) underlying algorithms, and essentials of trust (hard fork and soft fork). Content includes the hashing and cryptography foundations indispensable to blockchain programming, which is the focus of two subsequent specialization courses, Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications (Dapps). You will work on a virtual machine image, specifically created for this course, to build an Ethereum test chain and operate on the chain. This hands-on activity will help you understand the workings of a blockchain, its transactions, blocks and mining. Main concepts are delivered through videos, demos and hands-on exercises.
What Will I Learn?
  • Why this is importan
  • Understand the theory behind Blockchain
  • Create a Blockchain
  • Understand the theory behind Cryptocurrency’s
  • Understand the theory behind Cryptocurrency Transactions
  • Create their own currency
  • Understand the theory behind Smart Contracts
  • Create their own Smart Contracts


A Brief History of Blockchain

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Blockchain Fundamentals Who is contributing to Blockchain tech? Why should I use Blockchain? Alternative Blockchain Use Cases Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Private Blockchain networks

Introduction to MultiChain MultiChain Streams Deploying MultiChain in the cloud – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)

Querying the Blockchain

Querying Blockchain nodes with JSON-RPC Block Explorer Public APIs – risk / reward QBitNinja.Client web3j

Developing Blockchain Apps

Blockchain Tokens & Wallets Bitcoinj Library Decentralized Applications – DApps Smart Contacts Smart Contracts